Ridesharing for local communities

Turn neighbours into co-drivers

Intuitive carpooling software to foster ridesharing among cititzens in local communities.
Designed for daily commutes to work and recurring trips for leisure activities.

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Successful communities rely on effective public transportation in synergy with excellent mobility options for residents and local companies.

Easy to use

The intuitive concept makes it easy for anyone to find matching commuters, save money and protect the environment. Registering takes less than two minutes.

Community branding

Make sure your community’s identity shines in every interaction. Users will only see your logo, colors and design and will immediately feel at home.

Rapid deployment

Comovee Community is set up in a few days and generates no additional costs. No hardware to buy, no software to install. Comovee is made to work.

Local ridesharing

Find your perfect carpooling match.

Comovee Community enables ridesharing for all residents in your community.
A beautiful map-based system allows users to find matching commuters graphically.

Find commuters

Enter your home address and commute destination and find nearby commuters with common destinations.

Get in touch easily

Connect easily by sending a direct message or using the contact details of your preferred commuters.

Start carpooling

Enjoy the benefits of carpooling: good company, saving money while protecting the environment. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Carpooling for your community

Comovee is a user-friendly rideshare solution for cities and municipalities that allows cititzens to find nearby commuters with similar destinations. Hassle-free and free to use for community members.

Relieve traffic congestion

Carpooling effectively reduces traffic volume. The result is fewer traffic congestions and traffic-related stress, pain-free driving, on-time arrival and cleaner air. Day after day.

Save time and travel expenses

Carpooling saves money. Commuters save fuel, insurance and maintenance costs, receive tax benefits, reduce traffic and profit from a smoother traffic flow.

Community Carpooling

Simple and intuitive.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Comovee works on all smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktops.
So, no matter where you are, you can always find the perfect carpool.

Get started in your community.

Designed with communities in mind

It’s simple, it works and it’s a great supplement to your community’s existing transport infrastructure.

Ready. Set up. Go.

Ready to run right out of the box, Comovee provides a safe carpooling system featuring ultrafast map technology that’s amazingly simple to use.

Make it your own.

Fully customizable interface allows using Comovee as your own carpooling platform with your logo, colors and design. Comovee is never mentioned.

Safety. Built right in.

Designed with user safety, data security and reliability in mind to protect the environment and make the community a more attractive place to live.

Seamless integration

Smooth system integration enables implementation of community ridesharing with your community’s existing online presence and Intranet.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainability is related to the quality of life and well-being in a community. Carpooling helps to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

No-headache system

As a cloud-based system, Comovee requires no hardware setup, no software to install, no maintenance or staff training. It just works.

Local carpooling

Comovee speaks your language

Comovee currently supports over a dozen languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and many more.
You can instantly localize the carpooling platform for your users around the world.